Who wants to help me with homework?

I’m to interview people for my “Design for Mobile Applications 1” class and ask the following questions.

• What aspect of getting stuck in traffic is most annoying to you?
• Is it the wasted time? The physical act of standing still? Boredom? 
• How would you like to fix traffic congestion in this/your city?

From 1980, here’s Yarbrough & Peoples performing “Don’t Stop The Music.”

The 1980 LP from Yarbrough & Peoples, “The Two Of Us.”

From the ‘50, here’s Delores Gray performing “Heat Wave.” Stay cool, Los Angeles!

MG Worldwide Exclusive Premiere:Jimmy Somerville’s New Single Travesty
This is fantastic and joyful and wonderful. 

Delia Derbyshire brings to life the theme for the original Dr. Who series.


Delia Derbyshire brings to life the theme for the original Dr. Who series.

The Bob Crew Foundation

Bob Crewe, Dead at 82. I continue to be impressed and amazed at the breadth of this man’s musical career, especially the Disco material. Years ago, before I knew who he was, I would see him at the gym in West Hollywood. I don’t get star struck often, but I wish that I’d had a chance to talk to him. Click here for his Wikipedia entry.

From 1977, Bruce Fisher (with Chaka Khan on background vocals) performing “Red Hot.”

From 1978, here’s Brainstorm performing “I’ll Make It Hot For You (12”).”

The 1978 LP from Brainstorm, “Funky Entertainment.”

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Cane And Able - Found A Child
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Found A Child

by Cane And Able

1972 Cane And Able

From 1979, here’s Fingers performing “Searching For A Love.”